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Coleman Memorial Chapel Core Values:


We Value The Bible:

We believe that the Bible is the Word of God, that it is comprised of the Old and New Testaments. The Word is divinely inspired and inerrant in its original writings. It is the supreme and final authority in faith and life practice.

We believe that through the Word, men, women, boys and girls are able to find the words and necessary requirements of faith which lead to a relationship with Jesus Christ. We believe that the Word offers hope, strength and comfort for times of joy and need. Col. 3:16, II Tim. 2:15, Jas 1:22.


We Value Prayer:

We believe that prayer changes life and the outcome of life events. We believe that God, the creator and sustainer is pleased to work on the behalf of mankind, when we approach him through prayer.

We believe in and value prayer on behalf of our families, church, community and world. We believe that prayer is essential to Christian faith and practice and that prayer should be practiced on a consistent basis, which includes living in an attitude of prayer, daily. Eph 6:18, Phil 4:6, I Thess 5:17

We Value Worship:

We value assembly and coming together to praise and worship God. We believe that it is our duty and privilege to bring praise and adoration to God. We practice corporate worship weekly and personal worship, daily. Ps 95:6, Rom 12:1


We Value Friendship:

We believe that friendship is important to the very ministry which we have been called to. We want to be a friend to each other and those in need, including visitors and strangers. Prov 17:17, 18:24


    Pauline Risser  & Hellen Faddis 

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                          Ocean City, MD trip!




We Value Fellowship:

We enjoy times of fellowship and conversation. We come together to eat, talk, laugh, sing and "be involved" in each others lives. Fellowship is part of our mutual sharing and walking together as believers.

We fellowship during formal and informal times, we fellowship with spontaneity. I John 1:7


We Value Service:

We are a congregation that is involved in service to each other and to our community. We value and support home and foreign missions, through contribution and encouragement.

We encourage our people to use their gifts to serve others. Psa. 2:11, 100:2, Eph 6:7


We Value Simplicity:

We believe that communication with God is best achieved from a simple and open heart. We value simplicity in our relationships with each other... open and honest trust and communication. Psa 116:6, Psa 119:130, Prov 14:15


We Value Freedom:

We believe that our relationship with Jesus Christ brings us freedom to live and enjoy a godly life. We realize that freedom is not license to sin, but, to enjoy an open fellowship with the Lord which removes fear, guilt and shame from our lives and relationships. We believe that is to be freedom. Psa 16:16, Rom 3;24, 2 Cor 3:17, Jas 1:25, Rev 1:5


We Value Growth:

We want to be a church which grows biblically, spiritually and numerically. We are committed to personal and congregational spiritual growth. Col 1:10, II Thes 1:3, II Pet 3:18

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1980 Furnace Hills Pike
Lititz, PA. 17543
(717) 626-6933

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